The new organization AI in NYC that was launched on the 4th of July, 2023 by the part human and part AI entity known as “AI New Yorker,” is founding and producing the “AI Do Good Awards” that makes its global debut on New Year’s Eve, 2023 in New York, NY from the creators of the 10 year annually “Platinum PIAs” Community Awards Show in New York City that recognized business owners, artists and educators who were making a difference in their communities.

The Launch Keeps Getting Closer

“AI Do Good Awards” is launching in Manhattan, NYC, where the human aspect of the entity known as “Ai New Yorker” has lived since 1988. This person is now in part thanking the Big Apple for its positive impact on humanity with this new awards event. It is being created to Honor Innovative Uses of AI for Good. This includes using AI Powered Campaigns and other AI means of sharing your knowledge.

If You Know Someone Who is a Business Owner and they Are Having a Positive and Meaningful Impact on AI, Nominate them for an “AI Do Good Award”

And it should be noted that the sharing of positive and ethical knowlege holds regardless of the industry that your business is in, or its format or platform including corporations, solopreneurs, those doing side hustles, small business owners and more.

The point being that entrepreneurship, regardless of the form it takes, if it is being used for positive and ethical communications via AI (Artificial Intelligence” this makes for a possible candidate.

Nomination Page for the “AI Do Good Awards”

If you or someone you know is a good candidate as a business owner for a nomination, you can submit their inspiring story of positive and ethical use of AI through AI Powered Campaigns and more, by going to the “AI Do Good Awards” nomination page.

Technology for a Positive Impact

This New Year’s Eve, the AI Do Good Awards will make their debut in New York City. The new awards ceremony aims to recognize individuals and organizations that utilize artificial intelligence technology for positive social impact.

Celebrating People Contributing to an Ethical AI

The AI Do Good Awards are also seeking to foster an ethical and inclusive AI ecosystem in New York., the U.S., and the world founding this event which will occur annually on New Year’s eve, wishing the best of the two aspects involved Happy New Year People and Happy New Year AI!

AI in NYC hopes to spotlight inspiring examples of AI’s vast potential for improving lives when developed responsibly.

The Primary Categories for Nomination

Categories will honor innovators across sectors that are alligned with the 75 websites of the Blog Coalition and their use of topics with nominees being evaluated based on their AI solution’s real-world impact, innovation, ethics, and diversity that encompass Coalition areas such as the following:


The AI Do Good Awards is an inclusive AI event and welcomes all.

Positive AI Knowledge and Education

By showcasing AI’s positive real-world impacts, the awards align with AI in NYC’s mission to shape an ethical, inclusive future powered by AI. They hope to inspire future creators, innovators, enthusiasts and businesses that are are committed to the sharing of positive AI knowledge and education.

Human Empowerment and Flourishing

The new awards ceremony represents an exciting milestone at the dawn of 2024, highlighting AI’s immense potential as a transformative force for human empowerment and flourishing.