New Ventures

If you are embarking on a new venture, AI can be helpful from a data standpoint in areas like market research. But more important than that is to do your own self analysis. What do you uniquely bring to the table in terms of experience and expertise that is useful to others?

Does AI Do Good with Story or is that Better Left to Humans?

We as human beings are the ones who live the stories and then share them with others. And although AI is not human, it is trained with data from real live people. So it can arise in the creative process of developing a story: “To be AI or not to be AI, that is the […]

Award Categories Help with the Mission: AI Do Good

The “AI Do Good Awards”: Celebrating The Best in AI and Beyond Developing awards recognition categories, especially with a new awards concept, can be an ongoing evolution. Some categories being considered include: AI: recognizing and honoring the pioneers, the visionaries, and the innovators in the AI industry. These are the minds behind transformative technologies that […]

Ten Ways You Use AI to Do Good

1. Embrace the AI Era: Dive into the Possibilities By truly understanding the transformative power of AI, businesses are positioned to not only thrive but also create an environment where community support and global outreach become an integral part of growth. When we talk about AI making a difference, the “AI Do Good Awards” stands […]